6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using MAJR Maui Computer Services

Reason #6 - How Stale is it?
Have you ever looked inside your computer?  Do you know what the heck all that stuff is?  We do!  And we can tell you that if you buy one of the name brand "cookie cutter" systems you're getting whatever was on the shelf at that time.  The fact is, computer technology moves so quickly that a system built with current technology is only current for about 6 months.  It may take that long for a computer to reach a store shelf.  And who knows how many of that model your retailer had in stock?  Wouldn't you rather have a computer with the latest technology? 

Reason #5 - The name on the outside doesn't really matter
Do you know that every single computer manufacturer, including us,  uses mostly parts made by other companies?  Do you know that most manufacturers, including us, don't really manufacture a single part in the computers they build?  Do you know that the largest computer manufacturer in the world didn't actually manufacture a single part until just a few years ago?   We use the highest quality parts available.  Some are the same you will find in the other guys computers.  Some are better.  We have many years of experience using these parts.  We know which ones are likely to fail and which ones are likely to last a long time.


Reason #4 - Made just for you
Don't you want a computer that is custom built to do exactly what you want it to do?  Most people never know how fast their computer really is.  There's several reasons for that.  If it's one of those name brand systems, it was probably loaded up with tons of worthless junk including bad anti-virus programs that are one of the worst things you can do to bring your computer to a crawl.  All of our computers include only the software you need and anti-virus programs that don't suck the life out of your computing experience. And, they are fully optimized to perform with their fullest potential.  


Reason #3 - Friends
Have you ever had a problem with your computer?  How did that go?  If it was a name brand machine, did it go as smoothly and painlessly as it could?  Was it repaired in a timely manner that was convenient to you?  Did you know the person who came to fix it and were they more interested in getting in and out quickly than making sure the job was completed to your satisfaction?  Warranty repairs are a money losing situation.   The name brand guys will hire anybody willing to do the job.  They don't always have to prove their knowledge, experience, or integrity.  They just have to be fast and cheap.  We have a huge interest in your satisfaction.  We stand behind what we build.  If you're not happy with us after your purchase you most likely won't be calling us again.  We want you to be a customer for life.  We will bend over backwards to make sure you are happy with us.  At that point we hope you can call us friends.


Reason #2 - Old and Wise
We have been building all types of computers for all types of industry since 1994.  This is not a hobby.  We are always on the cutting edge of technology.  We keep track of what's coming next from Microsoft, Intel, AMD and all the others.  We can provide you with solutions that you may have never been aware of.  Solutions that can save time and money.  We provide services to all levels of expertise.  From simple desktop PC's to server farms to in-car-computing, we've designed, built, and deployed tens of thousands of systems.  Many of our customers are also IT professionals.  We speak their language and they know what we can do for them.  Give us a call and tell us what we can do for you!


Reason #1 - A Turnkey Operation
We're not just about selling hardware.  We provide everything from systems, software, upgrades, repairs, service, data recovery, hosting, proactive managed services, consulting, networking, and much more.  It's OK if you purchased one of those branded systems. We work on everything.   We've built and worked on systems located all around the world.  From the White House, to the USS Ronald Reagan, the Supermax Prison facility, and hundreds of other government agencies and commercial businesses.  There is no job too big or too small.  Now that Maui is our home we'd love to be your home town IT professionals.


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