About Us

MAJR Enterprises, Inc/S&K Computers, Inc.. was founded in Denver Colorado in the early 1990's. Our primary focus at that time was designing and building new computers and selling computer components to IT professionals throughout the U.S. As the company grew from a small 3 person operation to 2 fully staffed warehouses we also expanded our focus to provide highly skilled IT services to the rapidly growing IT community in the Denver community and servicing all our clients nationally.

We've designed some of the most sophisticated and unusual computer systems you can imagine.  From digital facial recognition security systems for the White House and military, to in-vehicle security systems for the transportation industry to automated phone dialing computers for those people who always interrupt your dinner (sorry about that).  Our other services simply go hand in hand with the industry.  Computer repair and data recovery were naturally services we needed to provide.  As our clients came to trust us with their sophisticated computer needs, they also learned to trust us to keep their systems running smoothly and their data secure.
We are Scott & Karrie Lasater, the owners of the companies, and we have now made Maui our home.  We've brought our skills with us and we intend to take care of our Maui Ohana the same way we've taken care of our friends on the mainland.  Quality, integrity, and knowledge are all words we would like used when people refer to us. 

Computers are our life.  We know them inside and out, backwards and forwards.  We understand the importance of keeping your computers running efficiently and your data secure.  So whether you have a laptop, a server farm, or 100 employees workstations, you need surveillance services or a point of sale system, or anything else you can imagine, call us.  We can make it happen.

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