Backup Solutions

We would much rather work proactively in backing up your data than we would in doing data recovery.  Redundant redundancy is the key to making sure you never lose your data.  However, the best backup solution in the world can be worthless if its not used correctly or if it gets ignored when there's a problem.  We've seen millions of dollars worth of data get wiped out because the system was either ignored when a fault was reported or hard drives start to fail but the system is in a back room where it gets ignored.  A server will continue to serve up data even with a bad hard drive when it's in a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives).  If that bad drive gets ignored and another one in the array fails, your data will require expensive and time consuming data recovery.  There are now some levels of RAID that will survive a 2 drive failure, but not 3.
These data recovery situations are tragic and unnecessary.  Backup solutions have become so simple and inexpensive there is no reason anyone should ever lose their data.  The cost of data storage has dropped so drastically over the past several years that every computer made should have at least 2 hard drives using one as simply a backup drive. 

It's all about the management however.  If you have a backup drive do you use it?  Why not?  All it takes is for someone who knows what they're doing to setup any computer to do an automated backup of some kind.  Whether it's to another local hard drive or a network drive or an off site storage facility, it should be done automatically by the system so you don't forget to do it manually.  That's also a common phone call we get.  "I have a backup device but I didn't do a backup since last week".  That should never be an excuse.

Call the experts at MAJR and let us evaluate your data backup needs.  We will advise you of the most cost effective and safest solution for your needs.  We provide onsite backup devices as well as off site storage through the internet.  We are also patners and resellers of Carbonite.  Our offsite storage costs just pennies a day and you can rest assured your data is safe with us.
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