New Computers, Servers, Laptops, and Tablets

We have been designing and building all types of computers since the early 1990's.  Most everything is custom built.  We don't think you should be subjected to someone elses idea of what a good computer is for your needs and what software you should run.  Those big brand name computers are loaded with trial-ware and other worthless programs as well as some of the worst anti-malware software on the market. These programs slow a good computer to a crawl.
When you purchase a custom computer from us, we'll make sure none of that stuff is polluting your system.  We'll optimize it to run faster than the identical computer from the name brand guys.  We also use anti-malware that has proven to be more effective than anything they use.  Not only that but it's free.  You'll never be pressured to renew your prescription and fork out your hard earned cash every year just to load a newer version of their software that will slow your system more and more every year.

We build servers for all types of industry.  Whether you need a simple file server, an email server, an SQL server, or a server farm we can help.  Towers, rack mounted, NAS, SAN, VPN, RAID.  These are all terms we're very familiar with.  If you're the companies IT guy, we speak your language. Give us a call and let's talk nerd speak.

Although we have been custom building laptops for years, the laptop, notebook, and netbook market have changed in the last few years.  It is now more cost effective for us to sell name branded laptops.  However, we won't sell just any laptop brand.  We have enough experience and knowledge that we can advise you what to stay away from.  If you need a high-end laptop capable of doing tasks you would only expect from a high end workstation we are still custom building this type of system.  If you need a rugged or tough book we can help there as well.  We have provided these rugged-ized systems to military and government personnel for years.  
You may be asking "Why don't you list what you sell on your website?".  Well the answer is simple.  Everyone needs something different.  Everything we do is custom.  Therefore we can't list it until we build it.  Also, we want to focus on taking care of our customers, not maintaining prices on a website.  Rest assured that our prices are very competitive.  As a matter of fact, the more you're going to spend with the name brand guys, the more you'll save with us. 

Quotes and questions are always free. What can we build for you? Give us a call 808-269-8433 Serving all of Maui