System Optimization

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow computer.  No one knows that better than we do.  Surprisingly most people don't realize just how fast their computer really is.  Unless you bought your computer from us, chances are it was so polluted right out of the box that it has never run with its fullest potential.  The big branded computers such as Dell and HP are so heavily laden with trial software, worthless utilities, and poor quality anti-virus that they are crippled from the very first day.

Did you buy one of those name brand PC's or laptops?  Well don't get mad at them.  They're in it for the money not your satisfaction.  Give us an hour with it and we'll make it run like it should.  We remove all those trial programs and stop many things from running in the background eating up valuable system resources.  We remove the bad anti-virus (Macafee and Norton/Symantec are the worst) and we install more efficient and effective anti-malware

If you've had your computer for a while and thought it was fast in the beginning but not anymore, or if you're having problems getting programs to run, or getting the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) we can fix all that as well.  Optimization is a process of cleaning off old programs, removing bad registry entries, removing malware, and configuring the system to run at it's peak efficiency.  When we're finished we can even teach you how to keep your system from getting so bogged down again

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