Data Recovery

We have the expertise and facilities to recover any data.  Hard drives, tape drives, flash drives, memory cards, and even RAID arrays.  We have recovered data worth millions of dollars from crashed RAID servers as well as the family vacation pictures from  memory cards that suddenly went bad.  Data recovery is rarely inexpensive but we do everything we can to keep the cost reasonable. If we can't recover your data, you don't pay a penny. BUT The sooner you detect a problem and stop using the device, the better the chance of an inexpensive recovery. The longer the device is "powered on" the less likely your data will be recovered and the cost of recovery gets higher and higher. So turn your computer off NOW and call us now! 

If you are experiencing a failure there is one very important piece of information you should remember.  LEAVE IT ALONE. Don't turn on your computer, camera, or tape drive.  If a hard drive is failing you risk destroying your data if you continue to let the system run or turn it off and on.  Memory cards have the uncanny ability to format themselves when they experience problems.  Call us first and leave it to the professionals. 

This is our least favorite part of this industry.  Unfortunately we do a lot of it.  The reason we don't like it is because of the stress it causes our customers.   But it is so unnecessary.  Don't be a victim. BACK UP YOUR DATA!

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