Internet & Network Security

INTERNET SECURITY - Whether you are a growing company or a consumer your data is critical.  These days the bad guys are all over the place just waiting for an opportunity when you slip up and expose your personal or business information.  ID theft is a big problem and only getting bigger.  What you don't know CAN hurt you.

The internet is a very public place and using it requires some protection.  If you don't know how to protect yourself, you need us.  We are experts at making sure the bad guys stay out and your data stays put.  We provide services such as simple configuration of your system, router or modem to keep it secure.  We also provide sophisticated firewall and router solutions for your company.  If you have any doubts about your security, call us.  We'll evaluate your computer and network infrastructure for free. 

INTRANET / NETWORK SECURITY - We would all like to think that our employees are trustworthy but the human element negates that.  Let's face it - most people would take a peak at sensitive information if it were right in front of them and they didn't think they would get caught.  Don't leave this up to chance.  A properly configured network, servers, and workstations will make your workplace more efficient, safer, and it takes the temptations away.  If your employees are surfing the net, checking their personal email, or downloading who knows what, they aren't working and they are possibly going to infect your network.  We have the tools and skills available to make all of this a non-issue.  We can lock down the entire system so it can only be used for one thing. Work. 

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