Here's a few comments we extracted from Google.  If you'd like to make a comment about us just click here and click "write a review".  If you have a complaint or concern, please call us so we can make it right.  808-269-8433

David Bernham
Aloha!  I just wanted to say that we think MAJR Maui Computer Services is GREAT!  They have made our computers run like champs.  They also installed new network hardware and now our computers talk to each other much faster.  We're considering a new phone system and we've talked to other customers of theirs who say their new VOIP phone system works perfectly and it costs them about 1/3 to 1/2 of their previous phone bill.  I think we're going to keep these guys.  They just keep making us better!MAHALO MAJR!

Makana Kala
Wow!  We were so impressed by Scott's knowledge when we called him about our crashed computer.  We were panicked because we had years of accounting information on this computer and no backup.  He told us that it may cost over $1000 to retrieve the data because the hard drive was crashed.  In 2 days he got all our files back.  He put a new hard drive in our old computer and now it runs like I've never seen it run before.  It's super fast.  I don't know what he did but he's AKAMAI for sure!Mahalo Scott

Robert Washman
I was referred to Scott by a friend after having a horrible experience with someone else.  Scott showed up on time, listened to our problems, and resolved them all within one day!  Considering it took the other guy 3 weeks to create this disaster, Scott was a miracle worker!  Thank you so much Scott.  We are cookin' with gas now!B. Washman

Sarah Dix
Thank you Scott for saving our wedding and one of the most important days of our lives.  !  You don't know us but we came to Maui to get married and our photographer dropped his camera at the very end and broke it.  He coudln't get any of our photo's.  He told us he took it to you and you retrieved every one of them.  We asked him who you were so we could say thank you.  I was going to call you and then I thought we should let the whole world know about you!  You are my hero!  Thank you so much.

Lisa Cross
Scott has been taking care of our work computers and server for a couple of years.  We hired him because our previous IT guy couldn't get an SSL certificate to register on our server.  Scott did it in 1 hour.  He has fixed numerous problems with our network and we run smooth as glass now.  I would highly recommend Scott to any business or person on Maui.

Mike Schwinn
I had a dead laptop that HP wanted to charge me 400 bucks to fix. Scott said he could fix it for less than 1/2 that. I was skeptical because 2 others had told me that the mother board had to be replaced. Scott fixed it and it's been working great for the last 3 months. I think he's the only one on the island who really knows what he is doing when it comes to computers. Mahalo Scott!! Mike S.
Gil Levitt, MD
My HP 2 year old desk top computer had lots of problems. I called Scott and he came over within half an hour. Scott is a very pleasant, personable and knowledgable person. He took the computer home and returned it the next day in great condition and spent almost an hour with me at home going over some of the problems and installing more programs for me along with a better security system. His price was very reasonable for the work he did. I highly recomend Scott. Thanks for your help. Gil Levitt, MD

My husband and I were in Maui for our 10 yr anniversary. We took over 200 pictures during our first 3 days which included a drive to Hana, a helicopter ride, and a Pineapple plantation visit. While exploring other features on my camera, I accidently formatted my memory card, and ERASED all of my pictures! I was frantic because I did not think there would be a way to recover these memorable pictures. I contacted Canon, the mfr of our camera, and a technician kindly gave me a few computer repair companies he found on google, one of which was MAJR - Maui Computer Services. Scott was very kind, and very sensitive to our plight. After explaning the situation, he immediately invited us over to bring the Memory Card. Within the next day, he was able to recover 90% of the erased photos through painstaking efforts. We are deeply grateful and indebted to him for his professionalism, kindness and sensitivity in saving the pictures and memories of this very memorable trip. Thank you Scott!

Scott M. 
 found this company on Google and he was the only one out of 3 who returned my phone call. My laptop was messed up. It wouldn't even boot. It just came up to a blue screen with a bunch of giberish. He took it for a day and now it runs better than the day I bought it. Thanks!